The ambient intelligence node



Improve your indoor environment

AmbiNode is designed to help you improve your comfort and health at home. By monitoring temperature, humidity and CO2 levels AmbiNode helps you get a healthy indoor environment.

Gain valuable insights

The AmbiNode app provides knowledge on your current and periodic air quality levels. A healthy indoor climate has high effect on concentration, sleeping and allergies. Gain insights on your indoor environment and achieve better working and living conditions.

Timely feedback

Download the app on your smartphone and stay connected to your sensor. Receive relevant notifications when your indoor climate reaches unhealthy levels. Feedback lets you stay up-to-date and enables you to take the necessary actions when needed.

Quantify your home environment for:

  • Thermal Comfort
  • Better ventilation & clean air
  • Save energy bills
  • Quality of sleep
  • Better learning and play
  • Reduce respiratory issues
  • Minimize risk of allergy